Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Maybe it’s time to scale up. To diversify your operations. To pursue distinct financial or tax advantages for your organization. Or to downsize. Embarking on M&A can be a daunting process.

Whatever your strategy, you want a trusted partner by your side. RCI takes the same rigorous, research-based approach developed with decades of search experience and thousands of successful placements and applies it to M&A consulting.


As a strategic partner with a wide professional network, RCI can help clarify the characteristics of an ideal M&A candidate. Our objectivity combined with an intimate understanding of our clients’ operations has helped successfully expand M&A searches beyond the original parameters.


M&A evaluations must always include a financial analysis. Yet RCI goes further to vigorously protect your organization’s interests. This due diligence focuses on the intangibles: what’s the “word on the street” about this company’s operations, its leaders, its prospects? RCI counsel is backed by solid market research combined with decades of cultivated industry connections and knowledge.


You want to pursue M&A opportunities. But you still have an organization to run. Let RCI use its customized sourcing strategies to discreetly contact and screen potential companies.


Using your specific, predetermined criteria, RCI accelerates the M&A process by contacting, interviewing and evaluating far more potential candidates than your organization could approach on its own. It’s a disciplined process that yields results.

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