Executive Search & Placement

Executive Search & Placement

Why Engage RCI as an Executive Search Consultant?

If these situations sound familiar, RCI can help:

  • You are seeking professional candidates with a highly specialized skill set.
  • Your organization is growing rapidly and needs help identifying, attracting and recruiting qualified candidates.– Attracting and retaining candidates for critical specialties has become more competitive.
  • You are seeking out C-suite candidates that can bring new skills to your organization.
  • You maintain a limited recruiting presence in the marketplace and have an immediate need.

Whether you’re a company focused on rapid growth, a city or municipality with a limited recruiting budget, or a mature organization seeking to expand its areas of influence, RCI can help. RCI evaluates and recruits the best candidates for your open positions from a cultivated network of specialized industry contacts.


RCI is a direct recruitment consultant. Searches are tailored to fit the goals of your organization. You have the comfort and confidence that come with a partner committed to the growth of your team and organization.

Workforce Design
& Planning

RCI works as a strategic partner to help design or re-tool roles to address gaps in organizational talent and expertise.


RCI specializes in oil and gas, energy and public transportation placements and offers a deep understanding of their recruiting environments.


RCI acts as its clients’ eyes and ears to help identify and secure valuable partnership opportunities.

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More than 1,000 Placements Since 2005

  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
  • Operating Oil and Gas
  • Engineering ( Transportation )
  • Construction ( Transportation – Agency, Contractor and/or Designer )
  • Service Companies
  • Manufacturing